Digital Narrative Games Part: 3

Following last week’s post where I loosely described the main idea of the game that I am going to create. I began working on the actual scenarios that the game will have to offer. I also created a flow chart that I am hoping can clear things up a bit. The game starts you off as a student who is going to take their final exam in a day. However, for this particular exam you have you use an algorithmic proctoring application called Respondus Browser.

The game will start the player off with an introduction to the story and then the player will start to navigate between the different scenarios shown in the flowchart as rhombi. Depending on the what the player does before successfully entering the exam, their time in the exam itself would be affected. Furthermore depending on the player’s answers to the exam question, an appropriate grade will be awarded. This grade ranges between a C and an A-. Finally after finishing the gameplay, the player will be prompted with a not about the usage of algorithmic proctoring programs and the effects it can have, in addition to a thanks for playing note. I am really looking forward to creating the actual game, which I will be posting a link to right here on my blogpost as soon as it is ready. So, stay tuned if you want to be one of the first people to try it out!

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